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Animal Feed/ Silage Dryer

The purpose of animal feed drying is to remove the excess water from the feedstock for easy to pack, transporte, store, process and use.

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In view of the animal feed is high humid and viscous, we designed Rotary Harrow Rolling Triple Stage & Multi-loop Drying Equipment. It uses unique design concept and truly energy saving technology. With the “1 + 3 = 6” three cylinders technology, “3 * 6 = 36” S Type material moving processes, “6 – 3 = 1” fast air exhausting way and “ Moving forward 3 steps and backward 2” Reciprocating drying method, the dryer operating like a Smart Robot. In the operation of “moving forward, backward, directing, conversing, raising, turning”, the material contacts with the hot air efficiently, thereby being dried quickly and evenly. Dry material will be discharged into star type unloader, then unload on conveyor for next operation (mixing, cooling and package). The whole process is automatically and controlled by PLC. Equipment operation only need 1-2 people per shift.

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This drying equipment can also be used for drying forage, distiller’s grain, cassave residues/pulp, corn pulp, potato dregs, soy sauce residue, soybean wastes, fruit pomace, zymophyte dregs etc. The finished production is very good raw material of organic feed for animals.
Tailor-made for every drying equipment to make sure it is the most suitable dryer for you! So every drying equipment we produce is unique.


1. Energy saving, little equipment running costs.
2. Drying equipment continuously working 24hours, continuously feeding wet material and continuously discharging finished product.
3. Fully automatic, easy and stable operation, low failure rate.
4. The “horizontal installation” of the dryer is unique and easy to install.
5. Three cylinders drying equipment covers little area, save lots of plant investment.
6. The entire drying system is centralized control by ABB/Simens PLC, easy to operate.
7. The solid particles in the air flow is highly dispersed in a suspended state. And the hot air and solid material conduct in two directions. So that the transfer surface area greatly increased. Since the inlet hot air speed is very high, gas-solid two-phase conduction speed is also very high. So the volume heat transfer coefficient is quite high. As the solid particles in the air flow is highly dispersed, making the material critical wet content greatly reduced.
8. High thermal efficiency, long drying time, large treatment capacity. Down-flow in the first stage cylinder, counter-flow in the second stage cylinder, down-flow in the third stage cylinder, S-type material transfer trend. Material mixed well with hot air. What’s more, the higher material moisture content is, the higher the temperature of hot air could be.


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