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What is the drying effect of sludge drying machine and what are the advantages of equipment


Sludge drying machine is a professional mechanical equipment for drying and treating various sludge, and its application field is wide. The volume and weight of sludge after drying treatment are greatly reduced to one-third to one fifth of the original, which is convenient for subsequent transportation and application of sludge.

The effect of sludge drying machine drying treatment

The principle of sludge dryer is designed and developed according to the characteristics of sludge. Therefore, the sludge characteristics are different, so the process used by the equipment is very different. The sludge drying machine mainly uses high temperature heat transfer to evaporate the water in the sludge, thus meeting the requirements of the user drying.


Special dispersal device is used in the barrel of sludge drying machine, which can break up, separate and accelerate the mixing contact between sludge and hot air. It can not only avoid sludge sticking to the wall, but also improve the utilization rate of heat energy, accelerate the production efficiency of equipment and ensure the quality of sludge after drying. In addition, the equipment also adopts hot air distribution system, which can adjust drying temperature and air velocity according to the different moisture content of sludge in different stages, so as to greatly save energy consumption and ensure the sludge dry and wet after drying.


The advantages of sludge drying machine are as follows:

1. The overall structure of the equipment is reasonable, and the equipment can be assembled reasonably according to the actual land area of the user.
2. The equipment has strong processing capacity, high production efficiency and low production cost.
3. The equipment system is sealed tightly and has good heat preservation effect. It can not only reduce the heat loss inside the cylinder, but also reduce the overflow of smoke dust inside the cylinder, and ensure the clean and tidy production environment.
4. The equipment has a wide range of applications, which can be used for municipal sludge, electroplating sludge, chemical sludge, paper sludge, printing and dyeing sludge, leather making sludge, pharmaceutical sludge, steel sludge, coal sludge, alkali sludge, textile sludge, etc.
5. The equipment is controlled automatically, easy to operate, can run continuously and stably, and the failure rate of the equipment is low.
6. The moisture content and particle size of sludge after drying can be adjusted according to the requirements of users.
7. The equipment can be customized to meet the basic and personalized production needs of users.

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