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Organic Fertilizer Dryer

Organic fertilizer mainly refers to the biological fertilizer produced by raw material of fresh chicken manure, pig manure etc. and does not contain any chemical ingredients. The organic fertilizer is high humidity and viscosity and stinky. But it is rich of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic matter, amino acids, Protein and other ingredients. Through drying, deodorizing and pelleting by ZJN drying machine, these organic fertilizer can be used as medium for planting mushrooms, as well as green compound fertilizer for farmland to improve the soil and provide adequate nutrition for crops.

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Our drying machine particularly set three drums, materials directly get in touch with hot air. Equipped with automatic conveying, feeding, discharging device. Wet material and high temperature hot air together into the first level drum which with the largest space and special rotating rake device. Wet sticky organic fertilizer drop through the rotary rake device, instantly broken into small pieces, fully contact with the hot air, the surface will dry immediately, thus preventing from re-bonding. Driven by hot air and drum ratation, the organic fertilizer flow to the end of the drum, and folded back, reciprocating through the ring channel in drums and reaching to the discharger when meeting requests. Each type of cylinder is equipped with different angles and distances material boards, which will guarante the organic fertilizer moves along the spiral movement in the drum and maintain adequate residence time and sufficient dispersion. Therefore, material is sufficiently hot exchanged with the hot air. Organic fertilizer dryer also equipped with deodorant, dust removal device to ensure that the air and environment clean.

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Drum rotary speed, feeding volume, air volume can all be adjusted according to process conditions and requirements. It is stable and high operability and controllability. Long drying process, low exhaust gas temperature, high heat utilization, material drying completely and uniformly, to achieve a truly high efficiency and energy saving.
We can match different hot air system for you, according to your Heat Source, no matter it is natural gas, bio-gas, coal, oil, bio-mass fuel or others. What’s more, if there is a boiler, the boiler flue gas can also be used as energy.
Tailor-made for every drying equipment to make sure it is the most suitable dryer for you! So every drying equipment we produce is unique.


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