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Solid wastes dryer

Solid Waste dryer is designed for any garbage, refuse, sludge from a wastewater treatment plant, water supply treatment plant, or air pollution control facility and other discarded materials . The drying production is as high as 10 tons/h, the energy saving effect is significant, and the maintenance cost is very low.

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Solid Waste enter into drying unit. With the joint action of positive and negative guiding and lifting boards and rotary drums, the material boiling in the cylinder and fully in touch with hot air until completing the drying process. Material is highly dispersed in the air flow, the total particles surface is effective drying area. Solid Waste in the drying unit moves as “W + S”-type reciprocating trend, the total stroke is 6 times the ordinary dryer. Large drying space, multiple positive and negative plates, so that the processing amount being increased. Material moving trends and hot air trends in three cylinders respectively are same, reverse, same. In the inner drum, downstream will speed up the surface drying rate, to prevent the material sticky wall; In middle drum, counter flow deepens combined water drying; in the outer drum, downstream drying further so that the solid waste dry evenly. And the material meet drying requirements quickly discharged. Three cylinder sets together, the outer cylinder preserve heat of inner cylinders, the shell also has insulation layer, the thermal efficiency can reach to 80%.

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Solid Waste dryer is widely used at home and abroad. The use of high-temperature fast drying process. High degree of automation, good quality of end products. Setting fire safety devices, hot air waste heat utilization and other devices. Large output, low cost, safe and reliable.
According to the sludge moisture content, target moisture content, different usage after drying and capacity, we customize different drying units for you. Tailor-made for every drying equipment to make sure it is the most suitable dryer for you! So every drying equipment we produce is unique.


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